Solar energy. Get the most out of your solar panels with a home battery

Take the next step towards energy independence and save excess solar energy to use in the evening.

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3 reasons why you should get a home battery

1. Get more from your solar panels

Solar panels are great at capturing the sun’s energy and using it to power your house. But with a home battery you can take it to the next level and store that energy to use later.

2. Become more energy independent

Obviously your solar panels won't generate energy at night. But by storing it during the day, you’ll have your own supply to use in the evening. Which means you’ll use less from the grid, helping you lower your bills and become more energy independent.

3. Earn money

Everybody loves to earn extra money! And with stored energy in your battery, you can too. Simply export it back to the grid and get paid for it. Join our Smart Export Guarantee and we’ll help set you up with that.

Get your home battery

Charge and store. Ready for your battery?

If you’ve already got solar panels installed on your home, getting a home battery is the next step in energy independence.

Compatible with all solar panels connected to the grid, our batteries range from 5.32kW and up, and they come with a 10-year warranty as standard.

Prices start from


With no VAT.

Save more energy

Track with the app. Keep control of your energy

See in real-time just how much energy your solar panels are creating. With the Sunsynk Connect app at your fingertips, you’ll be able to see how much energy you’re creating and how much money you could save.

  • See how much energy your battery has stored
  • Monitor energy use in in real-time
  • Detailed reports help you budget your energy use

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Solar panels

Save hundreds of pounds each year on your electricity bill when you install solar panels.

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Smart Export Guarantee

Find out more about our Smart Export Guarantee scheme where we pay you for any surplus energy you export back to the grid.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need new solar panels to get your battery?

No! If you’ve already got solar panels, we’ll get a battery to fit your existing setup.

Will solar panels work without a battery?

Yes. But with a battery you’ll be able to save all the extra energy you don’t use.

How many batteries do I need?

One is enough for most households. However, if you need more power we can always add more.

Where will the battery be installed?

The home batteries are either wall mounted or ground mounted in the loft of your home. If you don’t have a loft then we have other options such as under the stairs or in the garage.

How long does it take to install a battery?

It’ll take a day to install solar panels and a battery. If you’ve already got a solar panel system, then it’ll take around three to four hours.

Do I have to pay VAT?

No. Whether you’re getting just solar panels, a home battery or both – you won’t have to pay any VAT.