Boiler IQ

A clever little gadget that lets us know when your boiler isn't working, so we can get it fixed in no time

What is Boiler IQ?

Boiler IQ is a clever little gadget that keeps an eye on your boiler and tells us when it stops working. That way, we can help you get it fixed as soon as possible so you don't get left in the cold this winter.

Take a look at this video to see how Boiler IQ could help you.

What Boiler IQ gives you

  • Peace of mind

We'll constantly monitor your boiler to see if it stops heating your radiators or producing hot water.

  • Convenience

If we see that your boiler has stopped working, we’ll contact you to help get things sorted as quickly as possible under your HomeCare agreement or Warranty.

  • Faster Repairs

Our expert engineers will have access to the data from your boiler in advance to help them understand what’s gone wrong. And they’ll even pre-order any parts you might need ahead of time.

Call now - installation from only £69[1]

How does Boiler IQ work?

We'll send one of our engineers round to fit a small app either inside or alongside your boiler.

This app sends information to a small hub which we'll connect to your broadband router - letting us monitor your boiler in real-time.

How to get Boiler IQ?

Boiler IQ is available to our HomeCare customers - with a compatible Worcester Bosch boiler - for just £3 a month.

There’s a £69 installation charge if you already have an engineer visit planned, otherwise it costs £99 for an engineer to come out to specially fit your Boiler IQ.

If you have a compatible Worcester Bosch boiler that was fitted by us, you’ll be able to upgrade your 5 year boiler warranty to include Boiler IQ. You’ll just need to pay the £69 installation cost as the £3 monthly fee will be covered by your warranty.

However, you do need to own your home and be living there. You'll also need broadband internet, a spare port in your internet router, and an available plug socket close to your router.

It's as simple as that. If you don't currently have HomeCare with us, but would like to find out whether or not HomeCare is right for you, just click on the button below.

Interested in Boiler IQ?

Boiler IQ is a clever little gadget that will help keep your home warm and toasty whatever the weather.

Give us a call on 0333 202 9593

If you use a textphone, please call 18001 0800 316 3772

Our lines are open Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 19:00, Saturdays, 08:00 – 18:00, and Sundays, 10:00 – 18:00. We have limited opening hours over public holidays.[2]

Frequently asked questions

How do you know if your boiler is compatible with the hardware?

Call us on 0333 202 9593 to find out if you have a compatible boiler. Or if you have a visit from a British Gas engineer, they can check for you. We’re open 8am-7pm weekdays and 8am-6pm weekends. We may record calls to help improve our service to you. Calls to 0800 numbers are free. Call charges to 03 numbers  can vary, please check with your service provider

What happens if your broadband is not working / switched off?

Data from your boiler will no longer be transferred and we will not be able to alert you to any faults.

What data does Boiler IQ collect from your boiler?

The data we collect from your boiler will tell us about its performance. This will be protected with industry-standard encryption so no-one else can read it.

Will Boiler IQ and hub use any electricity?
Yes, a small amount. Tests show this is less than one pence per day on your electricity bill.
How will we contact you, and can you choose how we send alerts to you if there is a problem?

If we’ve got your mobile number, we’ll text you if we think your boiler has stopped producing heat or hot water. This service is 24/7. Otherwise we’ll call your landline number or email you within our office hours, which are 8am-7pm weekdays and 8am-6pm weekends.

How will this affect your broadband usage?

You should not notice any impact on your broadband speed.

[1] £69 installation charge when Boiler IQ is installed at the same time as a planned engineer visit (e.g. first visit, annual service, repair), otherwise it's £99 to install Boiler IQ.

[2] We want to improve our service for you, so we may record your call to help. Calls to 0800 numbers are free from mobiles and landlines. Calls to 0330/0333 numbers will cost you no
more than 01 or 02 numbers from landlines and mobiles. If you get 'inclusive minutes' with your package, calls to 0330/0333 numbers will be part of these.