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Energy customers

We're updating our system

We’ve been building a completely new customer platform to make things better for you. As part of this we’ve launched a brand new app, full of features to help you manage your energy.

We’re still in the process of moving our customers onto the new system which means we have two apps available to download in the App Store. Check out the information below and we’ll let you know which one to download.

My account has moved

If your account number begins with an ‘A’ or 'BGX' then great news! You’ve already moved to our new system, so just log in and use the new app straight away.

Download our new ‘British Gas Energy’ app today:

iOS (Apple) | Android

My account hasn’t moved yet

If your account number begins with ‘85’ this means you’re still on our current system. We’ll let you know once you’ve moved over, so you can start using the new app.

There’s nothing you need to do, we’ll take care of everything. Your energy supply, tariff and payment details will all stay the same.

Download our current ‘British Gas’ app today:

iOS (Apple) | Android | Huawei

Manage your Home services account

Here to solve. Book an engineer in seconds

Boiler on the blink? Water dripping from the ceiling? Whatever your problem, make it our problem by booking a British Gas engineer on our app. It only takes a few seconds and you’ll be able to choose a time that suits you.

You can also change your appointment if you need to and see when your engineer is on the way. Best of all, you don’t even need to have cover with us to book a service or repair.

Download it today for:

iOS (Apple) | Android | Huawei

Quick and easy billing. Pay with confidence

Let’s face it: paying a bill isn’t fun. So we’ve made it quick and easy on our app. What’s more, you can save card details for faster payments, and pay by Apple or Google Pay.

You can also keep a close eye on your balance and look back over your payment history from the past 24 months.

Supported devices

Our app is supported by Apple devices (iOS version 10.0 and above) and Android devices (version 6.0 and above).

If it doesn't work

If your tablet or phone doesn’t support our app, don’t worry – you can still keep an eye on your account, book an engineer, and do a whole lot more on our website.

Why can’t I view MyEnergy usage in the ‘British Gas Energy’ app?

We know how important it is to keep track of your energy use.

So we want to help you understand some of the reasons why you can’t access this right now, and what we’re doing to make this available for you:

  • You don’t have a smart meter. Smart meters are self-reading gas and electricity meters that provide a 100% accurate view of your home energy usage. Find out more here Smart Meters - Smart Energy Monitors - British Gas
  • Your smart meter isn’t communicating. Every now and then the technology that supports smart meters can have a few issues, so we sometimes can’t receive your meter readings. Find out more here If your meter isn't working - Meters - Help & Support - British Gas
  • We don’t have permission for your smart meter to send us half hourly readings. We need these regular readings so we can show your most accurate energy usage. If you’d like to update your consent, you can do this in your online account or in the new app.
  • You’re on an Economy 7 or EV tariff which gives a cheaper rate of electricity for a certain period of time. You’ll be able to access your energy usage for these tariffs soon.