We're cheaper than Ofgem's price cap

With our Price Promise tariff, we guarantee to lower your energy prices. So you’ll save an average of £30 vs April’s price cap.1

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Energy prices are going down in April

Good news! On 1st April, the price cap set by Ofgem will fall. If you’re on one of our variable tariffs, or recently switched to our Price Promise tariff, your energy prices will be reduced.

There’s nothing you need to do. We’ll be in touch to let you know what it means for you.

Why choose us?

We power over 8 million homes and businesses in Britain.

That's more than anyone else.

We're helping the UK hit zero carbon emissions by 2050.

And aiming to get 40% of the way there by 2034.

We launched a £100m support fund to help customers who need it most.

With over 21,000 customers helped so far.

We've been around for over 200 years and we aren't going anywhere.

So here's to the next 200...

Half price electricity.
A tasty offer.

Every Sunday 11am - 4pm.

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We’ve got the UK’s cheapest EV tariff

When paired with Hive EV Charging and SmartCharge our Electric Driver Tariff is the UK’s lowest: less than 5p per kWh between 12am-5pm.2

Not got an EV charger yet? Choose your Hive EV charger, combine it with any British Gas electricity tariff and we’ll give you FREE charging for a whole year.3

And we’re on a mission to create a greener future too

Around 40% of the UK's carbon emissions come from our homes - and we want to change that for good. Whatever your budget, we've got lots of ways to cut your home's carbon footprint. From simple swaps to the latest future-ready tech.

Go greener with us

So join us and start your journey to net zero

Additional information

  1. Price Promise Tariff is a fixed tariff with a difference. We'll reduce your prices from 1st April. This will provide an average saving of £30 (based on Ofgem typical medium usage) versus the April price cap. This will be applied as a reduction on unit rates and standing charges split across both gas and electricity. All dual fuel customers will benefit from a minimum saving of £20. Eligibility and terms and conditions apply.

  2. Based on electricity prices correct as of 29/01/2024. When you plug in your EV for 6 hours or more covering the period of 12am to 5am, you’ll qualify for a 4p discount off your EV tariff night rate of 8.95p/kWh for all electrical consumption. 4p/kWh discount also applies at any other time of day on any other British Gas electricity tariff if your EV is left plugged in for 6 hours or more. 

    By managing your charger with Hive SmartCharge we’ll give you a credit each month with money back directly on your British Gas bill.

  3. FreeCharge is only available for customers with a Hive EV Charger and a British Gas Electricity Tariff and Smart Meter. Maximum consumption limits apply. Please read the FreeCharge Terms & Conditions and FAQs on the Hive website.